Friday, July 8, 2011

right path and wrong path

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and assalamualaikum,

Hey pipols ! Aku rasa lar sekarang macam susah gileeeeee nak hupdate blog wehhh.. Nak online facebook pun dah payah, kalau nak update blog lagi lar seribu kali tera giga payah kan :S

Btw this week aku dah start class. Oh mannn. It's hell ! Like seriously. This week I had class on the integumentary system, digestive system, respiratory, lymphatic system and ect etc etc. And all this are just the introduction. But aku rasa macam nak mati dah -.-" 

Giler lar. Macam mana nak adapt dengan the way I have to study now is totally and completely different from what I used to do. Kalau dulu nak main2 pun boleh. Bak kate doctor2 dekat school of medicine cakap, kalau dulu boleh la nak breastfeed sume but now all we have to do is stand in our OWN feet ! Senior2 cakap " everyday YOU MUST or HAVE to study. Tak kisah la kalau even one hour je pun korang study. At least you study everyday. At the end of the week, at least you know what you have covered." My face was likeeee WHAT THE ??!! Aku dah lar jenis last minute person. I am and will always be like that :S Tapi tapi tapi, sebab fikir this is for my future, I, me ,myself will change this bad ass attitude for my own sake !

Plus, dengan accent doctor nye yang kadang2 macam lambat nak pick up. Sebab most of the doctors from our course are not from MALAYSIA. Some of them are from India and Indonesia. But MOST of them are from Myanmar. So English diorang macam pelik sikit la from what we used to hear. Oh okay. Bukan pelik sikit. Pelik BANYAK !

Everyday, the classes are in minimum for 2 hours and maximum up to 3 hours only. Sounds best giler kannn but it sucks man ! Sebab after the end of the class, we have to go to library, medic lab or PBL room to do our own beloved SDL which is SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING. Yes, from the name korang dah tahu kan during SDL tu kite kena study sendiri. Kalau study sendiri memang takdo makno nyolah. Confirm tidur je -.-" And the SDL finished up at 5.30 pm. Oh forgot to mention, our class start at 8.30 am. Btw even SDL tu habis 5.30 pm pun, pukul 3.30 pm kitorang dah say bye bye to library. Gile hape nak stay lama2. Buat stress beta je =.=

Eh baru aku perasan. My entry are getting long and long and long and boring kan =S Nampak sangat nak qada' for a week. And I'm losing idea.

PS : I think I'm getting nerdy and nerdy and nerdy each day. :S

Another PS : I love the most the quote from our Mr. Sylvester, " STUDY HARD, PLAY HARDER ". LOL

Jangan lar aku jadi macam ni nanti 

Another PS : Siapa2 yang nak masuk medic, you have to think harder and wise. Do not jump into medicine just to follow what your parents ask you to do. Do it because you want it. And please please please before you enter into medicine school, be mentally and physically prepared. It's gonna help you a lot. Almost forget, and prepare LOADSSSSS of MONEYYYYYYYYY too ! :DDDDDDD

Actually nak tulis lagi banyak tapi tetibe lost. Cheh~ Nanti aku rajin aku story mory marie lagi ea.

Till then pipols,


buDak.Kerek said...

dont give up amal! go amal go! :D

izzaniharyati said...

amal, jangan nangissss... ;)

amal said...

farah, yeayyy ! takde nye give up :p

zani ; cissss~bedebah lu. bhahahaha

debudebukehidupan said...

prepare loads of money? kne beli bku mahal2 ehh??

amal said...

dayah ; yup3..banyak gile. kalau satu subjek dah gune 2 ke 3 buku. satu buku dah dekat 200. kalau 10 subjek ? O.o

zareen_wsm said...

anakanada pasti mampu :)
doa dri mamanda nie..hahaha

fariza fauzi said...

good luck !!!
anyway i folllow u !

amal said...

zareen : HAHAHAHAHA !! thanks mamanda :D

Fariza: Thanks babe (: